Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - AMS

Amsterdam, Netherlands (NL)

Getting into Amsterdam

Train is best

The fastest and most convenient way into Amsterdam is by train. Watch your belongings, as this is a popular route with pickpockets.


You can take the local Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) train to Amsterdam Centraal Station in only 15-20 minutes. Trains run every 10-15 minutes, 24 hours a day (fewer between 00:00-06:00). 

Amsterdam uses a contactless payment system for its public transport. If you plan to travel often, it's best to get a chipcard (OV-chipkaart) for EUR 7.50, either anonyous or personalised. You can use this on buses, trams, trains and the metro, and it will cut the cost of your journeys considerably. For example, tram and regional bus journeys can be reduced by half. Don't leave it too long between visits though, they expire after five years.

If you're only here for a couple of days, you can get most tickets on a disposable, one-use paper ticket that costs EUR 1.

Cost: EUR 4.30 one-way plus EUR 1 paper surcharge, EUR 8.60 same-day return (save EUR 1 as you only need to buy one paper ticket)
Buying tickets: In the Schiphol Plaza, either at the yellow ticket machines on the platforms at Schiphol Plaza, or the NS offices near the large square cube called the Meeting Point. You can also buy e-tickets online, up to one month before your visit:
Location: Schiphol Plaza, one floor below, Platforms 1, 2 and 3

Amsterdam Airport Express (bus 397)

This is a comfortable and direct way into the city centre. Leaving every 10 minutes, this bus, run by the local public transport company, Connexxion, takes you directly to Museumsplein (28 mins), Rijksmuseum (32 mins), Leidseplein (34 mins) and the bus station Elandsgracht (38 minutes). 

Cost: EUR 5 one-way ticket, EUR 10 round-trip ticket, EUR 16 1-day travelcard, EUR 21 2-day travelcard, and EUR 26 3-day travelcard 
Buying tickets: either online at or on the bus
Location: Schiphol Plaza, one floor below, Platform B9

Schiphol Hotel Shuttle

Run by Connexxion, the same people as the Airport Express Bus, the shuttle could be a good option if you want to travel to your hotel with a bit more comfort and safety. It's pretty reasonably priced if you're travelling with a small group. The 8-seater vans, with on-board WiFi, travel to over 100 hotels in Amsterdam from 06:30-21:30 daily, leaving every 10 minutes. Find more information here:

Cost: From EUR 17 one-way ticket, EUR 28 round-trip (as little as EUR 9 each one-way for a group of eight)
Buying tickets: At the airport from a shuttle representative, online (VISA, Mastercard) or from many hotel websites 
Location: Shuttles leave Platform A7, Schiphol Plaza


This is an expensive option, but can be worth it if you share the cost. You can choose to take a taxi with others, or your own private car. 

Tip: There are only a few licensed companies taking you from the airport, but any taxi can take you back. This means there is more competition for the return journey, and prices can often be cheaper. 

Location: Official taxi stand in front of Arrivals
Cost: Around EUR 45-50

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Getting around the airport

One terminal with four large 'lounge' areas

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Europe's third busiest airport, is located 9km south of Amsterdam. It's a large airport with only one terminal, split into four Arrivals halls, three Departures halls and four Lounges.

The airport is notable for its innovative offerings and offers massages, a casino, a 3D cinema and even a library.

Lounge 1: Concourses B and C, dedicated to Schengen areas

Lounge 2: Consists D and E.

Concourse D has two levels;

- Upper level: Gates D2 - D57, handles only non-Schengen flights 

- Lower level: Gates D59 - D87, handles only Schengen flights. These flight can be reached by an escalator from Lounge 1. 

Concourse E handles only non-Schengen flights.

Lounge 3: Concourses F, G, and H, dedicated to non-Schengen areas. Concourse H serves low-cost airlines.

Lounge 4: Concourse M, dedicated to Schengen areas via low-cost airlines

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Schiphol's Official Parking Provider

Pre-book to save money

That way, you are guaranteed the best price for your car space. It costs a lot less than if you show up on the day.

100% safe and secure

As an official parking provider, you can rest assured that your safety and security are taken very seriously. We offer sheltered and unsheltered parking in secure areas, all of which are monitored by CCTV and parking attendants 24/7.


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Shop & Collect

Pick up your shopping after your trip

If you plan on returning to Schiphol Airport, Shop & Collect makes it easy for you to take advantage of shopping opportunities in the Schiphol terminal without having to carry extra baggage or items with you on your trip. After buying as much as you like at the airport, you can ask your cashier to use the Shop & Collect service. They will seal the items in a plastic bag, then send them to your own personal locker in Arrivals 1 at Schiphol Plaza that only you will be able to access. Your purchases will be held in the locker for up to 30 days and you will be able to claim them any time by using the barcode of your receipt.

Available across all shops after security. Only available for passengers who travel within the EU and have Schiphol as their final destination.

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Available in Lounges 1, 2 and 3

Aspire Airport Lounge 26
Wi-Fi, food and beverages and a business area for all passengers on Schengen flights. Open to the public, starting at EUR 25 for 3 hours.
Location: Lounge 1, after security, right after passport control to the right side
Opening hours: 05:30-21:30 Sun-Fri, 05:30-20:00 Sat

Aspire Airport Lounge 41
Wi-Fi, food and beverages, a business area, toilets and showers for all passengers on Non-Schengen flights. Open to the public, starting at EUR 25 for 3 hours.
Location: Lounge 2, level 3, after security, turn left after passport control
Opening hours: 05:30-21:30 Sun-Fri, 06:00-23:30 Sat

KLM Crown Lounges No. 25 (Schengen) and 52 (Intercontinental)
There are two KLM Business Crown Lounges in Schiphol airport. Excellent selection of wine, indulgent buffet meal, squeaky clean showers, and plush chairs.
Location: Lounge 3, after security, level 2, next to Gate 52F and Gate 25
Opening hours: 04:45-21:00 (No. 25), 04:45-last flight (No. 52)

British Airways Lounge No. 40
Snacks, drinks, a bar and many comfortable seating possibilities as well as a nice look over the runway.
Location: Lounge 2/3, after security, non-Schengen area
Opening hours: 05:30-21:30 weekdays, 06:00-20:30 Sat, 06:00-21:30 Sun

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Tight schedule?

Queue for imminently departing flights

If you don’t have much time between connections, or are running late for your flight, you’re in luck. Schiphol airport has a separate queue in passport control for fast-approaching flight departures. This should help speed up the process so you can get to your flight on time.

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Airport Park

Connect with ‘nature’

At the Airport Park, Schiphol brings the great outdoors inside. The park is filled with real and fake foliage, picnic benches, comfortable resting chairs, a café and even a real, 130-year-old tree.

To add to the aesthetic, the spaces play park sounds like chirping birds, project virtual butterflies onto the walls, and even have a faint woody scent of the outdoors. You can also relax at an outdoor terrace. 

It’s the perfect place for a change of scenery. If you get tired of lounging around we recommend exploring the interactive science exhibits or charging your device by pedalling on the stationary bikes.

Location: Lounge 1, second floor, after security, above Gates D
Opening hours: 24 hours daily

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At hotels, public toilets and lounges

Hotels offering showers:

Location: Lounge 2, after security, near Gates D
Cost: EUR 15 for up to one hour

Mercure Hotel 
Shower includes soap, shampoo, towel and use of a hairdryer.
Location: Lounge 3, after security, level 1, opposite KLM Crown Lounge
Cost: EUR 19.50 

Buy a day pass for the Sheraton Fitness & Spa and enjoy unlimited use of the gym, sauna, steam room, spa area and rainforest showers.
Location: Before security, between Schiphol Plaza and the World Trade Centre
Cost: EUR 20
Opening hours: 24 hours, but between 06:00-22:00 for day pass users

Free showers:
(Bring your own soap and towel as well as flip-flops.)
Public toilets in Lounge 2/3, after security, near British Airways lounge, non-Schengen flights
In the meditation room, 

Showers in lounges:

Aspire Airport Lounge 41
Lounge 2, level 3, after security, turn left after passport control
Opening hours: 05:30-21:30 Sun-Fri, 06:00-23:30 Sat

KLM Crown Lounges No. 25 (Schengen) and 52 (Intercontinental)
Location: After security, level 2, next to Gate 52F and Gate 25
Opening hours: 04:45-21:00 (No. 25), 04:45-last flight (No. 52)

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Mercure Terminal Hotel

3-star hotel in an ultra-convenient location

If you want a place to sleep for a few hours or for the night, the Mercure Hotel is a good choice. To stay here, you'll need your passport and a ticket for the same or next day. With 32 rooms, free Wi-Fi access, business services, and a restaurant all within walking distance to your gate, you certainly can’t go wrong. 

Be aware: There's no longer any access with check-in luggage. 

Location: Lounge 3, after security, transit area
Cost: From EUR 85 for day use of standard single (10:00-19:00), from EUR 99 overnight stay (20:00-09:00). Breakfast is not included.

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Airport XpresSpa

Relaxation in three locations

If you need a haircut or just want to unwind after all your travels, we recommend visiting the XpresSpa. It offers a great range of health and beauty treatments, including full-body massages and oxygen treatments. There's no need to book in advance and there are plenty of short treatments if you’re in a rush.

Holland Boulevard, after security, in between Gates E and F
Lounge 2, after security, level 2, Gates D, towards Gates G-H
Lounge 3, after security, level 2, towards Gates G-H
Opening hours: 07:00-20:00 daily

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Massage chairs

A great way to relax

Relax in one of the futuristic, privacy-offering 'Massage-O-Matic' massage pods. You can spend five minutes getting a shiatsu massage while listening to relaxing spa music.

Location (all after security):
Lounge 4, next to the coffee bar
Lounge 2, next to the Cone bar
Lounge 2, halfway along Pier E, close to E8
Lounge 1, behind the transfer desk
Cost: EUR 2 for a five-minute shiatsu massage

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Power outlets

Internet Centres

Charge your devices at Schiphol's many Internet Centres: 

Lounge 1
Lounge 3
Lounge 4
Airport Park, Gates D, level 2
Airport Park, Gates C and D, level 1

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Babycare Lounge

A rest for your baby

The Babycare Lounge contains seating, cots, baths and a kitchen area. It has curtained cubicles with cribs where your baby can fall asleep to a playful light-show projected on the ceiling while you can relax on a comfortable bench.

Location: Holland Boulevard, after security, between Lounges 2 and 3
Opening hours: 06:00-22:00

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Panorama Terrace

Fantastic views and a Fokker 100

You’ll enjoy heading up the panoramic terrace to watch planes taking off and touching down. For true aviation enthusiasts, check out the Fokker 100 aircraft where you can inspect the cockpit and learn about the Netherlands’ most famous aircraft manufacturer.

Location: Before security, between Arrivals Halls 1 and 2
Opening hours: The Panorama Terrace will be closed for maintenance from 1 March 2019. It will reopen this summer.

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Behind-the-scenes tour

Learn more about Schiphol Airport

Schiphol airport is one of the most interesting airports in the world, where they truly make an effort to improve the experience of all passengers flying through. If you’re an aviation enthusiast we suggest taking a one-hour behind-the-scenes tour where you’ll get to visit the fire station, hangars and other places not usually open to the public.

Tours start at 11:00, 13:00 and 14:30, Tue-Sun in the summer (May-Oct) and Wed-Sun in winter (Nov-April).

Location: Tours start and end at Schiphol Plaza
Cost: EUR 15.50 adults, EUR 7.75 children, EUR 35 family ticket (two adults plus two children aged 4-12)
Tickets: Online at or at the airport at the planes@plaza store in Schiphol Plaza

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up to 75% off the price of an overnight stay

Whether it’s a long layover, a flight delay, or just the will to enjoy the infrastructure of a beautiful hotel, invites you to book a day stay at one of our hotels located in the immediate proximity of the airport.

How does it work:

1/ Review the hotels available around the airport & the services they offer (spa, swimming pool, fitness, restaurant, and so on)
2/ Check their time slot availabilities (arrival & departure time within one day)
3/ Book your hotel and receive your confirmation
4/ Pay only at the check in
5/ Cancel at no cost until last minute


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Helfen Sie uns, noch besser zu werden!

Ohne die vielfältige Hilfe und das Feedback unserer Nutzer hätten wir sicherlich nicht den Crystal Cabin Award für die 'Beste Customer Journey' gewonnen. 
Egal ob Sie beruflich oder privat unterwegs sind oder ob Sie sogar am Flughafen arbeiten: wir brauchen Ihr Insider Wissen - Ihre Tipps. Dadurch helfen Sie uns, unsere App laufend zu verbessern und Sie helfen Reisenden auf der ganzen Welt.
Teilen Sie Ihre Erfahrungen mit uns und schicken Sie uns Ihre Tipps oder aber allgemeine Informationen zu 'Ihrem' Flughafen per Email an 

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Privium ClubLounge

Oasis of calm at Schiphol. To work undisturbed in comfort, or take a relaxing break. Tasty and luxurious buffet, complimentary lightning-fast WiFi, international newspapers.

Location: between Departure Halls 1 and 2, just behind check-in desk row 9.
Hours: 05:30-20:30 week days, 06:00-20:30 Sat and Sun

Privium membership is ideal for frequent visitors to Schiphol. You'll join a programme with a slew of exclusive extras there for your comfort and convenience, like priority car spaces, fast security and border control clearance, Privium ClubLounge access and special member-only discounts.

There are several memberships, all including the fast security and border clearance. Privium Plus includes all the extras for frequent flyers like priority parking and access to the ClubLounge, Privium Basic is about the efficiency of the border clearance by the cutting-edge iris scan technology and access to the Priority area at security and Privium Partner which is for your spouse or children. Privium Plus trial is also a possibility to try out our programme.

To become a member, please fill in the form at, make an appointment by calling 0031(20) 601 42 22 and complete your registration process in the Privium ClubLounge.

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Travelling between lounges

By foot

There is a large shopping area called Schiphol Plaza before security. Once through security, you can walk freely between Lounges 1, 2 and 3, with the Holland Boulevard in between. Lounge 4 is separate and has no access to other lounges. You can also walk from Arrivals 1 to Arrivals 4 on the outside of the building.

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