Kansai International Airport - KIX

Osaka, Japan (JP)

Getting around the airport


Osaka's Kansai International Airport (known locally as Kankū) lies on an artificial island, 50km south-west of the city centre. It's a clean, modern airport with good facilities and two terminals, 4km apart:

  • Terminal 1: The main passenger terminal. A very long, four-storey building, designed by architect Renzo Piano, shaped like an aeroplane wing. International arrivals is on the ground floor, domestic departures and arrivals on the second, shops and restaurants on the third and international departures on the fourth. Its 'Wing Shuttle' people mover takes you the 1.7 km journey from one end of the building to the other.
  • Terminal 2: A much smaller, single-story building, serving only low-cost carrier, Peach Airline. It is separate from both Terminal 1 and the airport train station.

An Aeroplaza lies beside Terminal 1, on the west side of the airport station. It contains the Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, restaurants and other facilities, including the bus stop for the shuttle to Terminal 2 and the train station to the city. There are future plans for a new Terminal 3 building, to host other low-cost carriers - scheduled to open in 2017.

Note: There have been reports of long waits at immigration of up to two hours, so allow for extra time in your onward journey.

Travelling between terminals

Terminal 2 is 4km away from Terminal 1. A free, regular shuttle bus takes you between buildings in around nine minutes, from 05:00-01:00. If you have plenty of time and inclination, you can also walk through the 'KIX Sora Park', a 4-hectare grassland next to Terminal 2.

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Getting into Osaka

Take a train

The easiest way to get into Osaka is by train. However, there are a number to choose from - depending on price and running time.


  • The fastest way into the city is the Nankai Rapi:t which connects to Namba station in 34-43 minutes. The Rapi:t α (alpha) train is the fastest at 34 minutes while the Rapi:t β (beta) takes 39 minutes with extra stops. Cost: JPY 1,430
  • The Haruka Airport Express is part of the Japan Rail West (JR West) system and runs from the airport to Tennoji (30 min), Shin-Osaka (49 min) or Kyoto (75 min). Trains run every 30-60 minutes. Cost: JPY 2,270 to Tennoji; JPY 2,890 to Shin-Osaka; JPY 3,490 to Kyoto
  • The Airport Express is the cheapest, but takes the longest - 43 minutes to Namba. The limited express trains leave twice an hour, while the Airport Express departs every 15-20 minutes from 05:45-23:30. Cost: JPY 890

Location: Terminal 1, train station across the road from Arrivals (clearly marked walkway on the 2nd floor)
Buying tickets: Terminal 1, travel desk in the centre of the first floor, across from entrance D and E (open 07:00-22:00)


Always an expensive option in Japan, but comfortable and convenient if you have a lot of luggage.

Cost: Fixed fares to central Osaka of JPY 13,000 for a small car, JPY 14,500 for a medium car (more at night) 
Location: Terminal 1, Level 1F, outside International Arrivals; Terminal 2, Level 1F, outside Domestic Arrivals


If you have a connecting flight from Kobe Airport, you can take a high-speed ferry directly there in 30 minutes across the bay from the airport's ferry terminal. Find out more here: www.kobe-access.jp/en

Cost: JPY 1,850

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A lot of options

  • KIX Airport Lounge, terminal 1, landside, north, 2nd floor. Hours: open 24 hours
  • KAL Business Class Lounge, north terminal, landside, 3rd floor
  • Refresh Square, areoplaza, airsidem 2nd floor. Hours: available 24 hour

Besides, there are airline lounges 

  • ANA Lounge, airside, domestic gate area
  • ANA Lounge, airside, international gate area
  • Asuka Lounge, airside, international gate area
  • JAL Family Service Lounge, airside, 3rd floor
  • Lounge Pacific, airside, international gate area
  • Royal Orchid Lounge, airside, international gate area
  • Sakura Lounge, airside, domestic gate area
  • Sakura Lounge, airside, domestic gate aream south wings
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Eat Like a Local

Sushi, tonkatsu and a 24-hr option

If you want to experience Japanese cuisine at the airport, you’ll have many options to choose from. Tonkatsu is Japan's famous deep-fried pork cutlet, that taste sublime with sweet sauce and shredded cabbage (Terminal 1, 3F; 08:00-22:00).

For something a bit lighter, try Honmamon Sushi. The restaurant is produced by a fishmonger in Osaka, so you’re guaranteed fresh ingredients in the sushi being made right before your eyes (Terminal 1, 2F; 07:00-22:00).

For travellers arriving late, head to Matsuya on the third floor of the Aeroplaza. The restaurant is open 24 hours and services rice-based dishes such as donburi and onigiri.

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Lounge with resting spaces and massage offers

Refresh Square at KIX

A rest space featuring a lounge and relaxation area is available on the second floor of the Aeroplaza attached to the Il Bar. The lounge area offers individual booths and group rooms with complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi service, while the relaxation area provides pressure point and full-body massages of varying lengths.

Lounge access is JPY 260 (USD 2) for every 30 minutes up to 4 hours and JPY 150 (USD 1.25) for every 30 minutes after 4 hours. The lounge is open 24-hours. Massage services start at JPY 1100 (USD 9) and are available from 09:30 – 21:00.

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Showers Available

Terminal 1 North and at the International Gates

KIX Airport has coin-operated showers that can be used upon arrival or while in transit at the airport. There are five shower rooms in the KIX Airport Lounge, in Terminal 1 North, on the second floor next to the Dining Court Machiyakoji. Shower-only use is JPY 510 (USD 4) for 15 minutes, with towels available from JPY 216 (USD 2). Shower rooms are also available in the International Gate Area Center (North, Gates 101-103) for JPY 600 (USD 5).

All shower rooms are open 24-hours a day.

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High quality outlet shopping

Rinku Town

Rinku Town is a shopping district with over 200 brand name outlets such as Anna Sui, Burberry, and Oliver Peoples. Bus Stop 1 and 12 outside of International Arrivals will take you to Rinku Town for JPY 200 (USD 1.65) with departures every 30 minutes to an hour.

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Mobile charging options - C

A variety of locations

Mobile charging stations are also available in Terminal 1 at the Public Phone Corners of the North (between Gates 10-11 and 13-14) and South (Gates 28 and 30) buildings on the first floor; at the information counter on the second floor, and in the centre of the International Departures area. There is also a location at the Sky View Observation Hall on the fourth and fifth floor. The charge is JPY 100 (USD 0.75) for 30 minutes.

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Panoramic view of the airport

Sky View Observation Hall

The Sky View Observation Hall offers views over the airport from the Ferry Terminal. Watch planes take off and land by taking the free shuttle bus from Bus Stop 1 outside the Passenger Terminal Building. The journey takes approximately 8 minutes. The Hall also houses an airport museum and makes a pleasant stop in between the Rinku Premium outlets and the airport. Admission costs JPY 500 (USD 3.50) per person.

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Car rental

Lowest Price Guaranteed

  • aeroplaza, 1st floor. Hours: 8:00-21:00.

Provided by Japaren, Mazda, Nippon, Nissa, Orix, Toyota

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Stay connected while in Japan

Data-Only SIM Cards

There are vending machines throughout the airport that operate 24-hours a day. Travellers from overseas can buy prepaid data-only SIM cards that will keep you connected to the internet while in Japan. The LTE SIM cards retail at JPY 3000 (USD 24) for 100 MB and JPY 5000 (USD 41) for 500 MB.

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Layover option

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

The Hotel Nikko is located in the airport’s Aeroplaza, a short walk from the passenger terminal and train station. You’ll find four stylish restaurants and a bar with a seafront location, laundry service, and free wireless internet in guest rooms and common areas at this airport hotel. Rooms start from JPY 17,000 (USD 140) per night.

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Play areas

In International and Domestic

The KIX Kid’s Room offers children’s activities for travellers with children. The Kid’s Rooms are open daily from 07:00-00:00 in Terminal 1 at International Gates 13 (North Wing) & 28 (South Wing), and Domestic Gate 21, and in Terminal 2. They are best for children up to 6 years old.

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Travelling with kids

Baby rooms and free buggies

If you are travelling with a baby or small child, you can borrow a buggy in Terminals 1 and 2 by contacting the information desks in both terminals. Baby rooms with hot water, nappy-changing areas and microwaves can be found throughout Terminals 1 and 2 and the Aeroplaza.

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Kansai Thru Pass

Save on transportation in Kansai region

If you’ll be spending some time in Kansai, we recommend a Kansai Thru Pass (JPY 4000/USD 33 for 2 days or JPY 5200/USD 43 for 3 days) which provides unlimited rides on private train lines, subways, and buses throughout Kansai. These can be purchased at the airport travel counter, unlike the JR Pass, which must be purchased outside of Japan. The passes can be used on non-consecutive days during its period of validity (e.g. Monday, Tuesday and Friday for a 3-day ticket).

Location: Terminal 1, travel desk is in the centre of the first floor 

Opening hours: 07:00-22:00

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