Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport - MSP

Minneapolis, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

Two terminals

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport is situated 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis. It has two passenger terminals: Terminal 1 (Lindbergh) and Terminal 2 (Humphrey).

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh Terminal) has three levels: Level T is the Transportation Level, the Lower Level is for ticketing, baggage claim, and the mall, and the Upper Level is where security and gates are located.
The Upper Level has seven concourses; namely Concourses A to G, with E & F in the centre, A to D on the right, and G on the left.

TSA PreCheck is available at Terminal 1, Checkpoint 4 while Global Entry is available at Checkpoint 7 on Concourse G.

Concourse A is far from the security and check-in halls so leave a little extra time to get there.

Terminal 2 (Humphrey Terminal) has two levels: Level 1 is check-in and baggage claim while Level 2 is security and H Gates on a single concourse.

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Getting into Minneapolis

Convenient transportation

Train and taxi are the most convenient transportation options for getting to the city:

Light Rail Transit

Take the LRT Metro Blue Line to go travel between MSP Airport and Mall of America (12 minutes), Downtown Minneapolis (28 minutes) or Downtown St. Paul (20 minutes).

Terminal 1, before security, Tram level, Transit Center, between the Blue and Red Lamps
Terminal 2, before security, level 2, north side of the Orange Ramp
Cost: USD 2.25 during peak hours (06:00-09:00, 15:00-18:30) and USD 1.75 at other times
Every 15-20 minutes Airport - Mall of America
Every 10-15 minutes Airport - Downtown Minneapolis 


Taxi service at the airport is provided 24 hours a day. A journey to downtown Minneapolis takes about 25 minutes.

Location: Terminal 1 and 2, before security, Ground Transport Center
Cost: USD 39-49 to Downtown Minneapolis and USD 31-38 to Downtown St. Paul 

Beware: A USD 6.25 fare will be displayed on the Taxicab meter at the onset of your trip. This fee includes a USD 2.50 flag drop and a USD 3.75 airport access fee.


To get to the city centre, you can take a City Bus (Route 54), provided by metro transit. These buses run every 10-15 minutes during rush hours and every 15-30 minutes during the evening or weekend.

Location: Terminal 1, before security, Upper East Roadway, located two levels above Level T
Cost: Fares vary from USD 0.50 to USD 3.50 depending on fare type and time of day
Operating hours: 04:05-23:56 daily 

Beware: There is no bus pick up at Terminal 2-Humphrey. Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 need to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Terminal 1 to access city buses. This rail service is free of charge between MSP's terminals.

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Avoid Long Check-In and Security Lines

Head to these check-in desks

If you’re flying with Delta, there is a single counter open on Level T in Terminal 1 in the mornings. You can check in for your flight and send your luggage off with little to no waiting.

For regular travellers, take the tram to the other end of Level T (towards the LRT and Transit Center). Go up two levels to find Security Checkpoint 10. Typically this area is for seasoned business travellers and airline crew, so the line is shorter and moves quickly. 

Terminal 1, landside, level 2
Opening Hours: 05:30-13:30 Mon-Fri

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Quiet Seating Area

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has a Quiet Seating Area after security for passengers that would like to rest or get some work done. Take the stairs or elevator next to the Delta Sky Club (where the hall to Concourse F meets the central lobby) up one level and take a left. The seating area is on your right. There are leather chairs, outlets for charging electronics, and a view overlooking the Airport Mall. You can still hear boarding announcements.

Location: Terminal 1 (Lindbergh), after security, hall to concourse F
Opening hours: 24 hours

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Food delivered to your gate

Airport takeaway

If you're settled by your boarding gate in Concourse G and don't feel like moving, pick up one of the many iPads you'll find by your seat. You can use them to get food delivered straight to your seat from a selection of restaurants - including Shoyu and Mimosa (mentioned in another section), and the Cibo Express Gourmet Market (sandwiches, salads and more). Your order will be delivered within 15 minutes.

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The 'loop walk'

Get moving between flights

Airports can feel stifling sometimes. If you have some time before your flight, we recommend taking this 2.2km airside circular walk to shake those legs and have a look around. En route, you'll pass the Thomson Reuters Art Gallery (Concourse C), an arts centre which shows changing exhibitions and offers a quiet area with comfy leather chairs. 

The loop walk: Start in Terminal 1 (Lindbergh), Concourse G, at the end of the Mall. Walk past G gates then take a left at Gate G17, and go over the long footbridge to Concourse C. Then, take the escalator down to the left and walk back towards The Mall via the C gates.

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Mall of America

Largest shopping centre in the U.S.

If you have a layover of three hours or more, consider visiting the Mall of America, the largest shopping centre in the United States. Allow 15 minutes on the LRT each way, plus walking time and security screening on your layover. The mall boasts play zones, cinemas, and an aquarium alongside traditional shopping and dining.

Take LRT to ‘Mall of America’ transit stop.

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Observation Deck

Head to Concourse D

This observation deck is one of the last of its kind in the United States. This quiet area is where airport and airline staff go to get away from the busy airport, but it is open to the public as well.
To get there, walk down the hallway to Concourse D past the Northern Lights Grill. When the hallway opens up into the gate area, turn left and look for the staircase next to Travel Express. Head up the stairs to arrive at the observation deck.

Location: Terminal 1 (Lidnbergh), after security, Concourse D
Opening hours: 24 hours

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Traveling with Animals

Relief areas

If you are travelling with animals, there are two Dog Relief Areas available. Ask for access at:

Terminal 1 (Lindbergh), after security, information booth at the entrance to Concourse E 
Terminal 1 (Lindbergh), before security, baggage claim level, outside door number one

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Travelling between T1 and T2

Take the free monorail LRT every 10 min

The terminals are connected landside by a free Light Rail Transit (LRT). It runs every 10 minutes during peak hours and every 10-15 minutes at other times of the day and connects passengers to 17 destinations including downtown Minneapolis.

Terminal 1, before security, Tram level, Transit Center, between the Blue and Red Lamps
Terminal 2, before security, level 2, north side of the Orange Ramp
Cost: Free of charge for passengers travelling between terminals
Operating hours: 24 hours daily

There is also an inter-terminal shuttle service called Special Needs Shuttle with a wheelchair lift for passengers. It runs every 20 minutes.

Terminal 1, before security Ground Transport Center
Terminal 2, before security, Ground Transport Center, Purple Ramp 
Cost: Free of charge
Operating hours: 06:00-22:00 daily

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