Sheremetyevo International Airport - SVO

Moscow, Russian Federation (RU)

Getting around the airport

Four passenger terminals

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest of four airports serving the Moscow area. It lies around 29km north-west of Moscow and is a hub for Russia's international airline Aeroflot.

There are two terminal buildings, each hosting three terminals:

1. South terminal building: Terminals D, E, F and Aeroexpress.
This is the main international passenger departures and arrivals area. Terminals are connected by pedestrian walkways. This building contains the train station, located in Terminal Aeroexpress, only seven minutes away. There is also a large multi parking area connected to the main building by a pedestrian bridge.

2. North terminal complex: Terminals A and B. The new terminal B was opened in May 2018, serving only domestic flights. Other passengers may go through check-in here though. Terminal A serves business aviation passengers. It’s located in the northwest part of the airport.  

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Getting into town

Take the Aeroexpress

We recommend taking the train, as taxis can take a long time to get into Moscow and be very expensive. There is the option of bus plus Metro, but, while cheap, can be a difficult journey.


Aeroexpress trains take you to Belorussky Station in the city centre in around 30 minutes. From here, you can transfer to the Metro. Trains leave every 30 minutes from 05:30-00:30 and include free Wi-Fi.

Cost: RUB 500 at the station, RUB 450 online, RUB 850 round-trip
Location: Station in main terminal building, near Terminal F


This can be a good value option if there are three or four of you in a group. Be aware that there's only one road in and out of the airport and travellers have reported spending four hours in traffic to make the 29km journey. Allow at least 1.5 hours for your journey and only use official taxi desks, available in the arrivals area.  

Cost: RUB 1,000

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Expect multiple controls

This is a high-security airport

Don't delay going through security: you may face up to four controls for your passport and luggage. It's best to get to your gate and relax once you’re there. Be aware that you won’t be able to take liquids through security, even if you purchased them at the airport.

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Distance between Terminal D and F

10-12 minutes walking

Do you have a short connection time to a flight in a different terminal? Bear in mind that it takes approximately 15 minutes of brisk walking to arrive at the boarding gates in Terminal F, which is where many of the long-haul flights originate.

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Sheremetyevo VIP Lounge

Great service and comfort

The VIP Lounges in SVO airport are notable for the services that are on offer in two lounges: free luggage packing, fast track through border and customs control, as well as food, drinks and complimentary Wi-Fi. Access to the lounge is available 24 hours a day and costs RUB 2,300 per hour. Book a single pass in advance here.

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Long layover and no transit visa

V Express capsule hotel

You won’t be able to leave the airport without a Russian transit visa and if you have a long layover, your only option is to stay in an airport hotel. Rooms start at RUB 4050 for an economy single.

Terminal Aeroexpress, before security, level 5
Terminal E, after security, international departures, level 3

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Power outlets

Terminal D, E and F

There are red-white stations to charge laptops, mobile phones, tablets, photo cameras and other devices. They are equipped with four standard power outlets and 12 USB connectors.


Terminal E, before security, both arrivals and departure levels

Terminal F, before security, both arrivals and departure levels

There are no red-white counters in Terminal D. After passing the security check, you will find power outlets only in dining areas, bars or lounges.

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Don't fall for taxi touts

Only use official taxis

In your rush to get out of the airport and on with your journey, you can be susceptible to cons from the taxi touts outside the airport. Instead, order a taxi from the desk in the airport terminal. A taxi into downtown Moscow should cost approximately RUB 1,500-2,500 (EUR 20-35).

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Travelling with children

Play areas and more

Sheremetyevo is a very family-friendly airport, with good facilities, and numerous places to keep your kids entertained.

'Mother and child' room

There's a room for parents with children (up to 7-years-old) to rest and play, with two bedrooms, toilets, baby-changing rooms, shower, play area and kitchen. 

To gain access, you need passport, flight ticket and 'medical insurance' or health certificate from the first-aid areas in Terminals C, D or F. Entry is free and maximum stay is 24 hours (reduced to 3-4 hours at peak times).

Terminal B, before security, level 1
Terminal D, before security, level 2
Terminal E, before security, level 1
Terminal E, after security, international departures, level 3
Terminal F, before security, level 2

Free buggies

You'll find these in Terminal C, E and F to take some of the load off those little legs.

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Travelling between terminals

By people mover

With the opening of the new Terminal B, the airport opened an underground inter-terminal transfer ('Airport People Mover') which connects the North terminal complex (Terminal B) and the South terminal complex (Terminals D, E, F). The first two wagons are used for not checked-in passengers and the last wagons are used for passengers that went through check-in and security check. Journey time is around 5 minutes.

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No transit visa


If you have a long layover in Moscow, or need a visa to enter Russia but haven’t organised one, your only option (other than sleep in the airport) is to stay at the Novotel hotel, 200m from Terminals D, E and F.

Report to the Transfer/Transit Without a Visa desk upon arrival and you will be escorted to the hotel in a private bus. You won't be able to leave the hotel and your hall will have a personal security guard who will collect you and other guests for your departure. This service starts at RUB 6,700 per night as part of the Aeroflot Bonus program. Contact the Novotel or your airline to book your room.

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