Frankfurt Airport - FRA

Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany (DE)

Getting into town

Excellent train connections

Getting away from Frankfurt Airport is very straightforward, thanks to two train stations (Regionalbahnhof and Fernbahnhof) with great train services. From Frankfurt Airport, you can also easily reach other German cities such as Main and Wiesbaden.

Local trains

The S-Bahn (public transport) trains leave from the 'Regionalbahnhof' station. Take the S8 or S9 into Frankfurt Hauptwache station for city centre, or Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station) for other cities in Germany. Trains leave every 10 minutes or so and journey time is only 11 minutes to Hauptbahnhof. These trains also go to Mainz and Wiesbaden. 

Location: Regionalbahnhof in Terminal 1, under Concourse B, ground level (take monorail from Terminal 2)
Cost: EUR 4.95 adult, EUR 2.90 child
Buying tickets: Ticket machines on the station platforms

National trains

You can also take regional Deutsche Bahn trains from the airport's 'Fernbahnhof' station, including the RE2, RE3 and Germany's super-fast ICE trains. Journey time to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof is 15 minutes on the RE trains and 11 minutes on the ICE.

Location: Fernbahnhof in Terminal 1, cross a sky bridge to the station (or take monorail from Terminal 2)
Buying tickets: Two 'Reisezentrum's or travel centres: one in the station, and one just above the regional station in the underground shopping area (ground level), near the centre of Concourse B


You can take a taxi from both terminals 24 hours a day. The 12km journey into Frankfurt will take 20-40 minutes, depending on traffic.

Cost: Around EUR 30-40

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30 minutes before departure

Use Fast Lane

If your flight leaves in less than 30 minutes, you can use Frankfurt’s fantastic Fast Lane service. The ‘Fast Lanes’ at security checkpoints let you skip the queues and go straight through to your gate.

Look for ‘Fast Lane Flights’ written on the overhead displays, or ask a member of staff.

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Power outlets

In both terminals

Power outlets can be found in the relaxation zones of both terminals.

You will also find a large number of free Oracle-sponsored charging stations throughout the airport.

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Free yoga rooms

Terminal 1 and 2

Relax and stretch between your flights in one of the two new yoga rooms at FRA airport. Entrance is free and mats are available.

Terminal 1, after security, Concourse C, near Gates C14 and C16
Terminal 2, after security, Concourse C, near gate D1

Opening hours: 24 hours daily 

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Freshen up in both terminals

Frankfurt Airport offers great shower services in both terminals, offering towels, floor mat, shower gel and a hairdryer. 

Terminal 1, after security, Concourse A, level 2, near Gate A50
Terminal 1, before security, Concourse B, level 2, in the Shopping Boulevard
Terminal 1, after security, Concourse B, level 3
Terminal 1, after security, Concourse Z, level 3
Terminal 2, after security, Concourse D, level 3, opposite of Gates D5-8

Opening hours:
06:00-23:00 daily (Concourse A, D and Z locations)
05:00-23:00 daily (Concourse B locations)

Cost: EUR 6

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Hairdresser at the airport

Spruce up in Terminal 1

If you want to look good for your business meeting, try Essanelle. 

Location: Terminal 1, before security, Concourse C, ground level 

Opening hours:
08:00-20:00 Mon-Fri
08:00-18:00 Sat and Sun

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Travelling between the terminals

Use the free SkyLine monorail train

A free SkyLine monorail train on the top level takes you between Terminals 1 and 2, both before and after security.

Trains leave every couple of minutes and the journey time is two minutes. There are three stops:

Terminal 1: Concourses A/Z (passengers with boarding passes only)
Terminal 1: Concourses B
Terminal 2: Between Concourses D and E
You can also take a free bus. These leave every 10 minutes and stop in front of each terminal.

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New routes from Frankfurt Airport

Ireland and Texas

Starting from May onwards, you can fly directly from Frankfurt Airport to:

- Dublin, Ireland twice a day with Ryanair

- Austin, Texas five days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun) with Lufthansa

Stay tuned for more information on new flight routes!

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Flying with Lufthansa?

Concourse Z to A can be a long way

Concourse A serves most domestic Lufthansa flights, while Concourse Z serves most long-distance Lufthansa flights. To transfer to a long-distance flight in Concourse Z from Concourse A, simply go up some stairs, through passport control and you're not far from your gate.

Plan more time when travelling in the other direction though. Connecting to Concourse A from Concourse Z can take a long time as you have to go through passport control, which can be a good distance from where you arrive. For example, from Z78 to passport control near Z1 is a long walk, and then you'll have to go all the way back to your gate at Concourse A.

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Help us improve!

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No matter whether you are travelling for business, leisure or you work at an airport, we could always use airport intel to help make our app even better and improve things for travellers all over the world!

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Getting around Terminal 2

Concourses D and E

Terminal 2

Contains Concourses D and E
Services all other airlines

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Getting around Terminal 1

Concourses A, B, C and Z

Terminal 1

Contains Concourses A, B, C and Z (note that Z gates are directly above A gates)
Concourse Z is for non-Schengen flights
The home of Lufthansa and Star Alliance flights
There are four levels: arrivals on Level 1, check-in and departure on level 2 check-in, access to bridge to hotels and long-distance rail station on level 3, access to parking on level 0, and the regional rail station below that
Most passengers check in in Concourses B and C
Save time and hassle: Lufthansa Business Class members, and Gold and Silver Star Alliance Card Holders enjoy a dedicated check-in area in Concourse A, on the right-hand side of the terminal, with its own drop-off lane

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