Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - DFW

Dallas-Fort Worth, United States of America (US)

Getting around the airport

Five terminals along one road

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located roughly halfway between the cities of Dallas (30km) and Fort Worth (40km), and is the world's third busiest airport, and is the largest hub for American Airlines.

It has five semi-circular terminals placed along a central road known as Spur 97. Terminals A, C, and E are on the east side of the airport while Terminals B and D are on the west:

  • Terminal A: American Airlines domestic flights only.
  • Terminal B: American Eagle flights only.
  • Terminal C: American Airlines domestic flights only. You'll find the Hyatt Regency DFW hotel here.
  • Terminal D: International flights. You'll find the Grand Hyatt DFW hotel here, and a good selection of business lounges.
  • Terminal E: Delta Airlines, and most other American and Canadian airlines. There is no walkway to other terminals from here, so you'll have to take the Skylink train.

There are a lot of renovation works going on right now, and a sixth terminal is planned.

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Getting into Dallas and Fort Worth

Train is easiest and cheapest to Dallas

There are regular buses to downtown Dallas, but the train is cheap, comfortable and reliable and the better option. For Fort Worth, it may be more convenient to take a taxi or shuttle van (like the Go Yellow Checker Shuttle), as you need to take two shuttle buses to get to the train station.


For Dallas: The Orange Line of the Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) train runs from the airport station from around 04:00-01:00 weekdays, and 04:00-00:00 at weekends. The journey to West End Station in downtown Dallas takes around one hour.

Cost: USD 2.50 for a two-hour pass, USD 5 for a day pass 
Buying tickets: 
Kiosks in the airport or with the GoPass app 
Location: Station in Terminal A, lower level, entry A10

For Fort Worth: The Trinity Railway Express (TRE) runs to Fort Worth Mon-Sat (no service on Sun) from 05:27-22:10, roughly every 30 minutes (fewer at off-peak hours). 

Cost: USD 2.50 for a two-hour pass, USD 5 for a day pass (one zone will cover it)
Location: CentrePort/DFW Airport Station (take the airport shuttle bus to Remote South Parking pick-up zones, then take the shuttle bus, leaving every 15 mins. to the station)

For Forth Worth: The TEXRail is a new rail line that connects DFW to downtown Fort Worth. The train stops at DFW Airport North Station and DFW Airport Terminal B Station. If you arrived at Terminal A, C, D or E, simply take the Terminal Link Shuttle to Terminal B and proceed to the rail station on the lower level.

Cost: USD 2.50 one-way, USD 5 all-day pass 
Location: Terminal B, before security, departures, lower level, TEXRail Station


There are many reliable taxi companies operating from the airport. Journey time to Dallas or Fort Worth is around 30-60 minutes, depending on traffic. You'll find a DFW Airport Guest Assistant at the ranks to help you find a taxi from 08:00-00:00.

Cost: USD 45 flat-rate to Dallas Central Business District, USD 48 flat-rate to Fort Worth Central Business District (plus USD 5 for airport exit, USD 2 per extra passenger and 15-20% tip) 
Location: Terminals A, B, C and E upper level, Terminal D lower level


Uber is now available at DFW. A trip into downtown Dallas costs around USD 25. Passengers can be picked up at the passenger pick-up areas. 

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Water bottle filling stations

Throughout the airport

This airport has 52 water bottle refilling stations throughout the concourses. Pack an empty water bottle and fill up before your flight.

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Power outlets

And workstations

Six complimentary airside travel lounges (B28, C8, C27, E8) offer workstations with seating and power outlets. There are also charging stations with USB ports at Gates A10, C6, C20, C27, C35, D21, D23, D30, D40, E10, and E37. Be sure to stay up to date with gates under construction before going.

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Two places to freshen up

It's not cheap, but you can grab a shower here:

  • The Club at DFW
    Cost: USD 35.

    Terminal D, after security, between gates 21 and 22
    Hours: 07:30-19:30 (Tue and Thu 08:00-18:00). Cost: USD 35.

  • Minute Suites
    There are two showers available, providing towels, body wash, shampoo and conditioner and a hairdryer. Cost: USD 30 for 30-minute shower, or USD 20 with room rental (USD 38 for the first hour, USD 9.50 for every 15-minutes after that).

    Terminal D, after security, gate D23
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Relax and unwind

Enjoy a relaxing massage and other spa services in one of XpresSpas locations:

Terminal A
After security, near Gate A25
Hours: 07:00-21:00

Terminal B
Hours: 07:00-21:00

Terminal D
After security, south retail hall, near Gate 20 
After security, across from Gate D24 (KIOSK Spa)
Hours: 07:00-21:00

Terminal E
After security, near Gate E27
Hours: 8:00-18:30

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Yoga Studio

Meditate or stretch for free

DFW Airport has a yoga studio open 24-hours a day on the walking path between Terminal B and Terminal D. The space is equipped with free yoga mats and a 20-minute DVD on loop giving you instructions.

Terminal B, after security, Gate D40/B41
Terminal B, after security, Gate E31

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Airport play areas and nursing rooms

Entertain the kids

There are three Aquafina Junior Flyers Clubs (at Gates A13, B12 and C14) where children can burn off a little energy with kid-friendly activities.

The McDonald’s Play Area at Gate D30 has games and a playscape for kids as well.

For nursing mums, there are private rooms at Gates A19 and B40. Call 3-3112 from the adjacent Paging Phone (or 972-973-3112 from your mobile phone) for the access code.

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DFW Barber Shop

Haircuts and shoeshines

The DFW Barber Shop offers haircuts, facial hair grooming and shoeshine services. Walk-ins are welcome.

Location: Terminal C, after security, gate C7

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Founder’s Plaza

Observation area

Founder’s Plaza is a six-acre observation area on the north side of the airport perfect for kids, aviation fans, and anyone that wants to get some fresh air. There are picnic areas, telescopes and historical information.

Location: North-west of Terminal B. Take a taxi to Texan Trail and N. Airfield Drive. The journey takes 5-10 minutes.
Hours: 07:00-19:00 

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Walking path and airport art

Exploring Terminal D

Terminal D houses the LiveWell Walking path, which measures just over a kilometre. If you want more of a cardio challenge while you’re waiting around, climb the 55-foot staircases to the Skylink station. Along the path and in the Skylink stations, you’ll find artwork by more than 30 artists to keep you entertained.

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Travelling between terminals

Skylink shuttle train every 2 min

The airport is huge (it's actually larger than the island of Manhattan) so you'll need to take shuttles to get around:

After security: The free Skylink train (the world's largest airport high-speed rail system) runs every two minutes and takes nine minutes between the farthest terminals.
Before security: The Transport Link shuttle buses run every 10 minutes between terminals from 05:00-00:00. There are two green bus stops outside baggage claim in each terminal. Other shuttle buses will take you to the car rental centre.

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