Eppley Airfield - OMA

Omaha, United States of America (US)

Getting into the city

Taxi or shuttle

Eppley Airfield is only 8 miles from downtown, if you don't run into traffic, it takes you only 15 minutes.


At the airport, you can choose to take metered or non-metered taxis.

Location: Central Terminal, before security, lower level, Ground Transportation Centre, Door #3
Cost: approximately USD 11-15 to downtown area hotels


The Navigator Airport Express provides six shuttle trips per week between Kearney, Grand Island-Hastings, York, Lincoln, & Omaha. The shuttle runs daily except Sundays.

Location: Central Terminal, before security, lower level, Ground Transportation Centre, Door #3
- USD 38 to Lincoln
- USD 55 to York
- USD 62 to Grand Island
- USD 66 to Kearney

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Getting around the airport

Two terminals with two concourses

Eppley Airfield is located three miles northeast of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The airport consists of two passenger terminals on two levels with two concourses; Concourse A and B.

For the major airlines:

South Terminal - Concourse A:

- American Airlines 
- Delta Air Lines
- Alaska Airlines

North Terminal - Concourse B:

- United Airlines
- Southwest Airlines

Transferring between terminals

Beware that once you pass security, you can't walk between the two terminals so just make sure you enter through the right-hand side if you're headed to Concourse A or the left-hand side if you're headed to Concourse B.  

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Power outlets

Many available

Omaha has upgraded their power outlet capacities in the last years so now there are many sockets available in the waiting areas for the gates.

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